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How to save custom changes in the existing Atahualpa theme for wordpress.

Posted by Madhurie Singh on September 21, 2009

I have four blogs that I plan to host under one domain name ! 🙂

Hehehe I know it’s a tall want.

But I know the benefits of promoting one domain with different sections. I could have gone for categorizing the posts but I can foresee that my each blog is catering to different audiences.

So One thing I want is a different themes for each different blog. That way people will get confused.

There is one thing I have already encountered with customization of themes. When I reinstall wordpress or take a back up the settings have to be either re done manually or if if I am sensible, I make a file while has all the settings.

Initially I was using Andreas 09 theme but unfortunately it’s not designed well and has run time error. So I had to switch back to my favourite theme Atahualpa 🙂

I am in love with this brilliant theme. I can do so many custom changes but 😦 I cannot save these custom changes. That is a drawback which I hope the makers of this theme will get over soon)

One funny thing happened today. I had dark green header. So when I added subscribe by email, I just could not see the words! I was quite fed up. Then I saw an option Over Style and Config. Under it was the first option Body Text Links.
I clicked it and found that by default the link colour is black. So in gark green background it was hardly visible. So what I did was change the link color to #FFFFFF which is white.
Then I went to change the other features. Later while cheching my website I was shocked to find that none of my links were visible. I was wondering now what kind of error was that! Then suddenly I realized that what if the link color had something to do with it. I found the reason for my error links. The links were there, but in while color, hence invisible in white background :).
So I changed back the link color to #999999, steel grey color. My problem solved.

In Atahualpa theme, there is a lot that is ready made but still it allows nearly everything to be customized.

If you notice using the same theme I have now three blogs up as three sites under one domain name :).

I have tried to keep the basic layout same but changed only the color. The color are also that which I have tried to keep as much close to the wordpress blog.
so = = =

Now I have one home page which redirects to different blogs.
That’s the advantage of going for BlueHost , they allow multiple blogs to be hosted under one single domain name.

To bring the Blog Title in the center, there is no provision. But it can still be achieved by pushing the logo to the right.

So Under Style and Edit the Header Area, edit the Logo Inage :Styling to margin: 0 10px 0px 480px;

I prefer soild border instead of Dashed. So where I see Dashed, I change it to Solid.

Also I perfer to have my PAGES displayed below the logo and images. So I have changed the Configure Header area to %logo %image %pages. I have removed unwanted lines and borders.

The rest of the stuff is easy to handle in Atahualpa.


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Exporting, Importing, Settings of WordPress for My BLOG Website!

Posted by Madhurie Singh on September 2, 2009

Once the installation by SimpleScripts of WordPress is complete, I received a mail and a pop up page confirming the site URL and the site administration path. The email sent by SimpleScripts also mentions the password of the database.

This is the Page on successful installation of wordpress.

Page on successful Worpress installation

When I clicked on the URL HTTP://WWW.MadhurieSingh.Com , I was taken to my own site! WOW what feeling! This is what I saw:
MY Blog Page

Earlier I had done some mistake in naming the database. So when I clicked my URL, I was taken to this Default.HTML page!
first look of my site

It’s got My site name and a few ads, that’s all!

Since I am still learning, I glad I did this mistake. I know now that to install wordpress the best way is to let all default settings run initially. Later all these details can be changed.
So I again go back to the SimpleScripts. The page shows my earlier WordPress installation script. I click Uninstall to remove the last installation of database and other details.

When I had tried to access, it had shown my this page.
Error while accessing the wordpress wp_admin1

Whenever I get this kind of erroneous page, I have the liberty to delete the wordpress script that I had installed last. And start a fresh Install on WordPress.

But this privilege is exercised only because I have not yet announced my website to the world. I am in my testing stage which is the most crucial step. I am in mood to hurry up. I may take 2 more months before I am confident to launch the website to the world.

Now I have to export the wordpress files from my to my computer.
SO I go to the wordpress blog. Click Export under TOOLS.
exporting wordpress blog

An xml file will be downloaded and saved in my computer.

Now come back to my site admin page page.
Here I Click IMPORT under TOOLS.
Click Import under Tools in WordPress Admin page

I am again taken to the page where I have to click WordPress that is found in the last row.
I click WordPress

I select the xml file which was downloaded as wordpressXXX.xml .

Click wordpress after Import button is clicked

When I click Import button in Tools of wordpress
The uploading of all posts, images etc begin one by one.
while importing wordpress xml file from my computer
And there I am, DONE with my wordpress IMPORT! 🙂

Now when I go back to my site

I can see the posts written by me with pictures and pages.
my site after wordpress is imported

The Site Title is still “MY BLOG” 😦

So now I have to change the Settings so that my site looks more personalized.


Change the Tag line that always follows the BLOG TITLE to “All about Kids, product review….”

Change other settings, time zone, date and time format etc.
settings page of wordpress site

I save the settings and click the WRITING SETTINGS, be enabling everything.
I leave the mail setting untouched and save the setting.
writing settings for wordpress site

Next I change the READING SETTINGS.
Here there one very important setting to be done in order to have a static homepage, instead of the recent posts that appears in the home page.

I first create a new page with title “Indian Mom’s Review’s for Kids” and add content that I want to appear on my homepage always. I assign this page as Front Page under STATIC Page.
Then I create another page called “RECENT POSTS” and assign it for Posts Page. This page “Recent Page” now will show all my recent posts, instead of the Home page.
How to make a static home page in wordpress

I save these settings.

And click Discussion Settings. Here I make sure the comments are nested and needs moderation.
discussion setting for wordpress site

I click save button.

I leave the MEDIA and PRIVACY settings as it is.

Now I click an important setting called PERMALINKS.
This setting allows how the posts will be indexed and appear in the search. It’s important that I change it to
Day and name

This way the search engines will be easily searching the file headings instead of some numbers.

Permanent setting of the posts in wordpress site
I save the settings.

The last setting I have to make is under MISCELLANEOUS settings.
This has the path name where all files will be uploaded into my server directory.
Default is wp-content/uploads and I should not touch it unless I am changing my subdirectories.
Then in order to organize the Uploads into months and year folders with time track, I click the other two options too.
Miscellaneous setting of wordpress site

I save the last settings.
Now this is how my Site looks. 🙂
My site after settings changed

Mission Completed 🙂

In the next post I will be try to install the wordpress into a sub directory by shifting all the wordpress files from root directory i.e /public_html to sub directory say /public_html/only4kid

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