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Deciding to Install wordpress in a subdirectory/ root on webhost of my website!

Posted by Madhurie Singh on September 8, 2009

I have now installed wordpress more than 50 times 😛 !

And I realize a few very important things in deciding where to install wordpress.

A: WordPress in the Root directory i.e. /public_html

This is a good idea only for those who have intentions to work with only one blog.
If tomorrow, I wish to start a new blog, like this current blog, then I will have problems.
I will then have to either create a separate subdirectory for the second blog2 or I will have to move the blog1 first into a subdirectory and then create a new subdirectory for blog2. Now moving wordpress installation to a subdirectory later at any point is tricky always.

B: WordPress in the subdirectory right from the start under Root directory i.e. /public_html/Blog1

This is an excellent idea. Any fresher must do this to have a clean root directory and have all wordpress installation of blog1 in a subdirectory called blog1.

If tomorrow I wish to install a second wordpress blog2 in the root directory, all I have to do is create a new subdirectory under root called blog2. i.e. /public_html/blog2

Also the problem of my URL with and added subdirectory name is solved by using the facility called “Redirecting WordPress” through CPanel. So people have to type only one url everytime to reach any of my blogs. i.e.

C: WordPress installed in the root when I have only one blog, blog1. But later on I migrate the blog1 to a subdirectory under root directory called public_html. Now my final path looks like this /public_html/blog1


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Is it better to install WordPress in Root or Sub Directory?

Posted by Madhurie Singh on September 1, 2009

I am a bit confused on whether to install wordpress in the root directory or in a subdirectory under root?
This is an excellent site that solved my dilemma and confusion.

I really want to install my wordpress in a subdirectory, simply because, I have future plans to install more blogs under the same root directory of my domain. But if I install in wordpress in the root directory, I will have a clutter of several directories and I am sure I will mess my web life worse than a fly caught in the spider’s web.
SO I am gonna create a separate sub directory for my wordpress installation under Root directory. I will call this say “only4kid”. Now this will have path name as

Now if I go by the normal rule, anyone who wants to goto my website has to type “ ! Naah! This is bad. Why will anyone want to remember or type so many words to reach my site. Unless it’s popped up by the search engines!

I want people to remember only one thing, and that is my name, which is my site name.

So the solution is to go change the path address for accessing the data and
to change the path address that readers will be typing to access the data in my site.

Ok let me simplify this.

I live in a house, where my hubby and my two kids also live. We have a separate room to each of us. But when we give our address to anyone, we give the address of our flat. We do not mention which room 🙂
But when they reach our home, we direct them to the exact room they should go, to meet the right person!

So even if I give my site address as, I will have to direct my readers to the path address 🙂

Now let’s see, how this is possible in WordPress.

Say I have already created a database called Only4Kid in the Root directory /root of my domain on the server provided by BlueHost, while running SimpleScripts for wordpress.
I log into my website, Then I log into the admin page of my site.
I reach .
Goto Settings > General
Make WordPress Address as
Blog Address as
wordpress installed in subdirectory

Now I will save these settings.
I saw my site and got scared! 😦 It’s showing big error message. But that’s ok, it’s suppose to show error, since the site is pointing to wrong path. :p

SO I need to set the path of the wordpress database right, before any other step.
At any point of time, when I have goofed up royally knowingly, all I do is go back to my SimpleScripts and install wordpress database again. But before that I make sure to delete the database and directories created by the last installation. An advice to all new comers. Always keep snapshots of all the your work step by step.
The exact steps to change and move the wordpress from root to subdirectory will be posted in another post.
At this point of time, there are some other basic things that I need to experiment and set up.

A few sites that googled as a result of my search to move wordpress, to sub directory. This is the best and I am gonna follow this site.

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