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Exporting, Importing, Settings of WordPress for My BLOG Website!

Posted by Madhurie Singh on September 2, 2009

Once the installation by SimpleScripts of WordPress is complete, I received a mail and a pop up page confirming the site URL and the site administration path. The email sent by SimpleScripts also mentions the password of the database.

This is the Page on successful installation of wordpress.

Page on successful Worpress installation

When I clicked on the URL HTTP://WWW.MadhurieSingh.Com , I was taken to my own site! WOW what feeling! This is what I saw:
MY Blog Page

Earlier I had done some mistake in naming the database. So when I clicked my URL, I was taken to this Default.HTML page!
first look of my site

It’s got My site name and a few ads, that’s all!

Since I am still learning, I glad I did this mistake. I know now that to install wordpress the best way is to let all default settings run initially. Later all these details can be changed.
So I again go back to the SimpleScripts. The page shows my earlier WordPress installation script. I click Uninstall to remove the last installation of database and other details.

When I had tried to access, it had shown my this page.
Error while accessing the wordpress wp_admin1

Whenever I get this kind of erroneous page, I have the liberty to delete the wordpress script that I had installed last. And start a fresh Install on WordPress.

But this privilege is exercised only because I have not yet announced my website to the world. I am in my testing stage which is the most crucial step. I am in mood to hurry up. I may take 2 more months before I am confident to launch the website to the world.

Now I have to export the wordpress files from my to my computer.
SO I go to the wordpress blog. Click Export under TOOLS.
exporting wordpress blog

An xml file will be downloaded and saved in my computer.

Now come back to my site admin page page.
Here I Click IMPORT under TOOLS.
Click Import under Tools in WordPress Admin page

I am again taken to the page where I have to click WordPress that is found in the last row.
I click WordPress

I select the xml file which was downloaded as wordpressXXX.xml .

Click wordpress after Import button is clicked

When I click Import button in Tools of wordpress
The uploading of all posts, images etc begin one by one.
while importing wordpress xml file from my computer
And there I am, DONE with my wordpress IMPORT! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now when I go back to my site

I can see the posts written by me with pictures and pages.
my site after wordpress is imported

The Site Title is still “MY BLOG” ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

So now I have to change the Settings so that my site looks more personalized.


Change the Tag line that always follows the BLOG TITLE to “All about Kids, product review….”

Change other settings, time zone, date and time format etc.
settings page of wordpress site

I save the settings and click the WRITING SETTINGS, be enabling everything.
I leave the mail setting untouched and save the setting.
writing settings for wordpress site

Next I change the READING SETTINGS.
Here there one very important setting to be done in order to have a static homepage, instead of the recent posts that appears in the home page.

I first create a new page with title “Indian Mom’s Review’s for Kids” and add content that I want to appear on my homepage always. I assign this page as Front Page under STATIC Page.
Then I create another page called “RECENT POSTS” and assign it for Posts Page. This page “Recent Page” now will show all my recent posts, instead of the Home page.
How to make a static home page in wordpress

I save these settings.

And click Discussion Settings. Here I make sure the comments are nested and needs moderation.
discussion setting for wordpress site

I click save button.

I leave the MEDIA and PRIVACY settings as it is.

Now I click an important setting called PERMALINKS.
This setting allows how the posts will be indexed and appear in the search. It’s important that I change it to
Day and name

This way the search engines will be easily searching the file headings instead of some numbers.

Permanent setting of the posts in wordpress site
I save the settings.

The last setting I have to make is under MISCELLANEOUS settings.
This has the path name where all files will be uploaded into my server directory.
Default is wp-content/uploads and I should not touch it unless I am changing my subdirectories.
Then in order to organize the Uploads into months and year folders with time track, I click the other two options too.
Miscellaneous setting of wordpress site

I save the last settings.
Now this is how my Site looks. ๐Ÿ™‚
My site after settings changed

Mission Completed ๐Ÿ™‚

In the next post I will be try to install the wordpress into a sub directory by shifting all the wordpress files from root directory i.e /public_html to sub directory say /public_html/only4kid


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How to add a pop up!

Posted by Madhurie Singh on September 1, 2009

I am keen to get the traffic to my site converted into dedicated readership. One good way to do this by making the readers subscribe to the posts through email. Also that ensures a niche databank.

I do have other ways already incorporated in my blog, but I am not sure how many are actually following my blog. One sure way to have hard data generated to keep track of the traffic is by getting people to register via subscription form. I am not too keen on making people share all their demographic details, but I would love to get them registered. SO a pop up is a great idea to get them to sign up, with just their name and email address. I know how I detest pop ups that ask for more than email addresses. Also if a pop up pops more than two times, I close that site once and for all!

So I am first gonna try this feature for free.
A good site that I stumbled upon is

Now I can see they offer this free stuff only for 10 days. SO I will not use this as of now. I would prefer to make use of it later when I am launching my site. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, that means I still have look for this usable free feature.
I am aware of which is free with Bluehost package. This site offers excellent contact form which can be added anywhere in the site. I will come back to this site, later when I am actually incorporating the contact form.
But what I am interested is in a pop up, for any purpose.
Some of the sites I copied from the google search result which will be reviewed by me later on are : ( I really liked this site, seems very professional and knowledgeable)

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How to choose a Web HOST for my future site?

Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 17, 2009

Now that I have decided to go on my own, instead of the SiteSell, I am relieved. ๐Ÿ™‚

SO the next step is obviously to hunt for a good reliable host.

Now I don’t even know what is the meaning of good host.

So thanks to the flood of information on the internet, I managed to sieve and pick a few site which define the criteria of a good host. Phew !

One way is to look for the hosting company under any good site that I want to emulate.

I am inspired by Steve Pavlina’s blog but need more features and things than his site displays.

Second way is to search for the sites which rate or review web hosts. . ย But I am not as of now interested in spending a dime, when the net is magnanimously sharing free information.

Now my next step is to find another blog or review that will provide me with features to look for in a good web host.

This one looks like a good blog.

Naah ! this site was also useless and provides no information.

The last site I am going to check before I move on to my next strategy.

Oh my God ! Is this a god sent site or what ? !!! This is excatly what I was looking for ! God bless Caroline !

  • First domain included free for life, well now some offer unlimited domain hosting.
  • Min 500GB disk space to unlimited disk space.
  • Do it yourself SiteBuilder which is offered for free by good hosts.
  • 1000 to unlimited POP3 support with all basic Emails support and feature.
  • 6,000GB of transfer bandwidth
  • Unlimited site / file transfer
  • File access and safety of site
  • Multimedia features
  • CGI and Database with several option and ย minmum 50 MySql Databases
  • Unlimited add-on domains and other domain related stuff.
  • Fantastico Script support
  • Free Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • World class technology at par with all good web hosts.
  • My third way to find a good web host ย is to go to the recommended hosts as mentioned by and read their features.

    The recommends Blue Host, Dream Host, Media Temple, Just Host and Laughing Squid.

    I have lots to read and compare ๐Ÿ™‚ . I will compare about all HOSTING FEATURES of all the web hosts reccomended by WordPress.Org. There are lots of technical words that are new and I am going to read a brief on each one of them. I will use wikipedia as much as possible. If there is a better site which explains these technical terms easily, I will post the site names here.

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