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404 Broken Link Error page – File not found- permalinks

Posted by Madhurie Singh on September 21, 2009

Today I was feeling great πŸ™‚ and saw 472000 search result of my name madhurie singh!

But the happiness did not last long 😦 when I found some of the links to my site were giving error : OOPS ! The Links is broken.
The page it takes the browser to is the dreaded 404 File Not Found!!!!

And the funny part is the link that takes me there was a page that I had never created i.e. !!!

Now I am wondering how on earth did this happen. What does this error mean?

Hmm this site explains it best.

SO I gave a search on 404 error tag link broken:

I see a great number of sites on the same error handling, so lemme start browsing and scanning for the best site:

The first site is

This site claims to resolver all 404 error s by uploading a php file classes.php and functions-post.php πŸ™‚

Ok after reading here and there, one important thing that I have found is that I need a mod_rewrite installed and working and the server able to read the htaccess file.

I checked my .htaccess file which is in the root directory. I use File Manager in Cpanel to view it even though its a hidden file.
Legacy File Manager does not show hidden files.

My .htaccess file is blank 😦 even though I have done changes in permalinks of all my blogs.
It just has this in it
# BEGIN WordPress

# END WordPress

So obviously I need to make sure it has at least the mod_rewrite function to make the necessary changes that I have set through the wordpress admin page to all my blogs!

Let me find out the reason for the .htaccess file not being written !

1. One common reason is that the file is not accessible by the wordpress admin page to make the changes in .htaccess file for desired permalinks.
So I will have to change the permissions to allow the wordpress to write the .htaccess file. So I change its permission to 666 not 777.

Now I changed the permalinks from /%year%/%month%/%date%/%post%/ Β to Β /%index%

This is a great site for explaining the permalinks and how to solve errors because of permalinks:

If nothing works I will check this site later


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