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How to Backup wordpress database and settings of my website!

Posted by Madhurie Singh on September 6, 2009

Since it’s my lucky day today ie 6/09/09 I will try and do as much possible with my website.

Today I will learn to take back ups of my database from the host CPanel and from the wordpress frontend.

There are a few things that need to be saved or backed up in case there is any breakdown.
a) My Files which contain all scripts and settings. These are all files and directories which were created during WordPress Installation by SimpleScripts and when I Imported the blog XML file through the wordpress admin page.
These are all files found under Public_html in case I have not created any separate directory for wordpress installation. Else it’s the sub-directory under public_html where all wordpress files are placed. So I will save these first.

I go a level above public_html and select this directory. Then I click Compress button to create a ZIP file for the public_html.
It will be saved in root directory. Now I select this and download it to my computer.

create zip of public_html file

The file is created.
zip of public_html file

Simple. I can download it by two methods. First method is the FTP method which is very simple. In the CPanel, I click FTP unlimited. I get two directories. I select the zip file and send it to the folder in to which this zip file will be downloaded. πŸ™‚

ftp download of the zip file

This download process will take minimum 20 min. So remember to make plans for that 20 min.

Another method to download is through CPanel itself. I like CPanel a lot. It’s like working on my laptop with no crazyness of mind boggling technical stuff that some softwares do.
Here too there is a button Download, that I click and it asks which file to download. I write the file name and hit the go button.
Simple. I am done with the downloading of the zip file. Here of course I do not have the choice to select or change the download folder much. I have set my explorer to download file to my desired folder in my desired drive.

Now that the zip file of public_html is saved in my lappy, I will go and delete the zip file from the root directory. πŸ™‚

There I am done.

b) The next important stuff to save or back up is my database with tables of all my posts, comments, settings etc.
I click “phpmyadmin” and select the database which is meant for wordpress that I am interested in backing up.
I can see all the tables. I select all the tables with wp_ extension. Then I click export. I click on save as file option and hit go button.
select all tables in original table and export
exporting the tables to change wordpress to subdirectory

There I have saved my database too in an madhurie_wrd01.SQL file.

c) The third stuff is to export the wordpress from my admin page.
I click TOOLS and click Export. All my wordpress pages, posts, setting, comments, stats everything except the theme related stuff will be saved in wordpress.Date.XML file

Check this post of mine for snap shots on exporting wordpress.

I am safe and hopefully sound πŸ™‚ too with all these backups.
I must remember to do this after every night to be always safe. Protection is better than Termination . LOL


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