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How to change links within wordpress posts after migrating!

Posted by Madhurie Singh on September 4, 2009

Now that I got my site up.

I will check for a few things to make sure the pages and content are correct.

I click on the page Indian Mom’s Reviews4Kids.

I see everything fine. In the last paragraph, I see a few links to other pages.
My site page with correct site name and link name

I click on School Reviews.
The page which opens is not in my site, but it opens the page in !!! 😦

My links within posts directs  to wordpress blog

Obviously the links do not update when the wordpress is migrated !

I have to change all the links myself.
SO I click phpmyadmin and click the table that is for this website.
click myphp to goto tables

Now I click the table meant for this website. madhurie_wrd01
Click the table for which the links have to change

Now I select wp_posts in the table madhurie_wrd01.
Then I click export button. And save the sql file.

export the wp_posts to edit the links

Now I open the wp_posts table in any editor, find and replace all to
Save the file.

find and replace all links

Now I go back to myphp and drop the wp_posts table.
drop wp_posts table to import updated file

Now I will import this updated wp_posts.sql file back into the tables lists.
import back changed wp_posts file

There I am done with my changing of all the links that were pointing to the wordpress blog back to my site posts. πŸ™‚

Now lemme test the links again.

I click on the School Reviews link in the page Indian Mom’s Reviews4kids of my site

Yippy! I am taken to the correct page School Reviews within my site. πŸ™‚
my links corrected page


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