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How to Un Install Worpress, using CPanel !

Posted by Madhurie Singh on September 3, 2009

Doing something new is very interesting. But it’s very important to learn to undo something more efficiently. Then it become easy to try out new stuff with less damage. So when I have a back up plan ready,( in case my plan fails,) I am not lost. 🙂

When trying to install wordpress in different ways, in different directories, while learning how to back up, how to retrieve etc. it’s less dangerous since I know that I can at anytime UN Install wordpress and start fresh. By now I must have un installed the wordpress script at least 10 times. :p

The simplest way to un install wordpress is through CPanel. Go to CPanel. GO to SimpleScripts. When I click SimpleScripts, I see a window where there is a link that says, WordPress is installed already. I click the uninstall link under it.

uninstall wordpress

I am taken to another page, where I am asked if I am sure I want to permanently delete the wordpress. I click Yes. I am done with the uninstall of wordpress.:)
final unistall window wordpress

Now I goto the Database through mysql database. I click that and see if all database created by the last install is deleted.

Then I go to File under CPanel. I click FileManager and go to my root directory /public_html . There should be no files with wp_ nor any license or readme files.

Now when I type my site url, I get an error page from the server.


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