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How to add a pop up!

Posted by Madhurie Singh on September 1, 2009

I am keen to get the traffic to my site converted into dedicated readership. One good way to do this by making the readers subscribe to the posts through email. Also that ensures a niche databank.

I do have other ways already incorporated in my blog, but I am not sure how many are actually following my blog. One sure way to have hard data generated to keep track of the traffic is by getting people to register via subscription form. I am not too keen on making people share all their demographic details, but I would love to get them registered. SO a pop up is a great idea to get them to sign up, with just their name and email address. I know how I detest pop ups that ask for more than email addresses. Also if a pop up pops more than two times, I close that site once and for all!

So I am first gonna try this feature for free.
A good site that I stumbled upon is

Now I can see they offer this free stuff only for 10 days. SO I will not use this as of now. I would prefer to make use of it later when I am launching my site. 🙂

Well, that means I still have look for this usable free feature.
I am aware of which is free with Bluehost package. This site offers excellent contact form which can be added anywhere in the site. I will come back to this site, later when I am actually incorporating the contact form.
But what I am interested is in a pop up, for any purpose.
Some of the sites I copied from the google search result which will be reviewed by me later on are : ( I really liked this site, seems very professional and knowledgeable)


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