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How to select a good website name?

Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 31, 2009

This is an important step for any website.

The site name will be the first introduction to my site. So it better be something that follows a few naming rules which should be logical.

1: Site name must reflect the content, in very wide angle.
Well, when I started blogging under my own name, which is the most common thing to do, I did not have any particular topic in my mine. I just started writing on things which mattered to me. Later when I looked back, I realized my passion was in my kids and in providing the best stuff in the world. For me, best meant well researched product that was worth every penny and provided what the claims were for the product. So unconsciously, I started comparing brands, reviewing schools and thought of sharing them with other parents. Now since I had not paid any attention to the name then, the search engines have today linked my name with schools in pune and with products for kids which have honest reviews. So it was ok for me to lend my name to my site.
But there is a limitation. I will have to continue making my name spread around so that the spiders that are crawling on the net keep noting it down. Now that’s an unnecessary headache, that I might have to deal with. So another way to handle this is to make my post headings very prominent and easily searchable.
Since, spiders now rely more on the content than the website name, I will keep the site name as my name.

2: Keep is short. It’s the guru mantra for all fundamentals. Easy to remember, easy to share, easy write…

3: Most commonly searched words combination. There are good sites which offer the service of providing the number of times a word has been searched in the recent past.
I never went for these fancy stuff. I did something out of commonsense. I gave google search for a the words I was interested in. Then I made a list of relevant words and the number of search results for each. I repeated this for 4 search engines. Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Ask. Then made a combination of such high paged words for my sub heading and posts titles.
Frankly, most of the time, I just wrote the titles, that I would search for in google.
Like for my type of content some of the high ranking words are Kids, Schools, Parenting, Indian, Reviews.
I am going make use of these words consciously in my content. Actually, even if I did not do this exercise, I would still be using these words in my posts. So the moral of the story is, write the content genuinely from the heart. The spiders will be forced to pick my posts whenever they see what is related to school, kids, products for kids and honest reviews. 🙂

4: I have kept a notepad file open, whenever a new name clicks in my mind, I jot it down. Then when I have a few handful, I open my Host site and start to find if these domain names are available or not. Then I keep only those which are not yet registered.
Important observation of mine: Never search for the site name in a search engine, too many times. Some smart guy will be keeping track of these searches and register them, even before I do. So use the hosting services only, as they want these names to be available to be registered and not blocked.

5: No more rules 🙂 use the logical mind and choose with the emotional mind.
6: My site name

Had I not selected this, it would be probably Reviews4Kids or honestreviews. But both were already registered. So no worries, my name is well picked by all search engines 🙂


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