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Purchasing right website host!

Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 28, 2009

I did a bit of reading about a few hosts available in the market based on the features, recommendations, fees/month and my gut feeling.

I value my gut feeling very deeply. I have always been better off by doing things that I feel is right. Infact, ALWAYS, I have had to face troubles, when I did something told by others, without researching or validating their claims!

My gut feeling says I go and buy a package from BLUEHOST.COM hosting.

Went to their site and payed $83.40 for a 12 months service to host my site with them.

Why did I boil down to BlueHost?

Reason 1: They were recommended by WordPress.Org themselves. Since I have been blogging with wordpress for a year now, I am very sure of one thing, that WordPress is 100% trustworthy. So if they think Bluehost is number one in their list, why should I bother and research on other hosts.

Reason 2: Even though Reason 1 was very convincing, I did a lot of research on other hosts. I found the second most tempting factor was their fee. It’s the one of the cheapest in the market and amongst those hosts recommended by WordPress. BlueHost fee is $6.96/ month. All others are way above. And those that charge $3-$4/month do not compare with the loads of features provided by BlueHost.

Reason 3: Bluehost has maximum number of WordPress blogs being hosted with them. That makes BlueHost most experienced in handling anything to do with WordPress.

Reason 4: Most people on the net are recommending BlueHost, especially those who are freshly building new websites.

Reason 5: Cpanel is the best control panel that is available in the market, to handle the domain and websites. And BlueHost has Cpanel.

Reason 6: I can host as many domains with BlueHost in that one single package, now that’s irresistable, isn’t it!

SO I registered my domain name MADHURIESINGH with BlueHost. By the way, it’s free for life with BlueHost. No need to pay annual fee to keep the domain name registered every year!


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