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How to build my own web site from my wordpress blog !

Getting familiar with BLUEHOST, SimpleScripts, WordPress.Org

Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 28, 2009

Purchasing my website HOST, was a difficult choice and took some time.

Registered my domain name Madhuriesingh with for life.

Now let me start to transfer the blogs from to WordPress.Org on BlueHost severs !

You know, it’s been years that I have done anything technical. The last I did was in 2001, when I was a consultant to Australian government’s Tax department. There my team had build a site for them based on their complicated tax calculating formulaes and rules.

I have learnt a cool way to learn new things.

I do not read anything about anything that’s new to me. !!!!!

Strange ? Well I know it’s weird?

I just keep staring at the the new product, new script, new technology by turning and twisting them from all angles. Slowly, my brain starts to make a 3D picture of the new stuff I am exploring.

And Voila! Badaa Boom, Badaa Bing !!!!  I am no longer stanger to this New Stuff !

It’s a natural process of any brain. Anything that’s new and encountered for the first time, creates a feeling of scare, fear, escape and hopelessness. So, the best thing to handle this feeling is, dive into the stuff that’s new, explore it from all angles, from all directions till the brain starts accepting new thing as a known thing. 🙂 And once the strangeness is gone, it becomes easy to learn.

Once, I become familiar at the superficial level, I go deeper, slowly, one feature at a time. I try each feature one by one, make tiny changes and see the output. When I am satisfied, I move to the next feature.

I am not going to stop blogging on the wordpress blog as of now, and think I am ready to launch the website so soon, so easily. I am going to test all the features that are crucial for running a website on my own, on BlueHost with the help of CPanel.

I am now trying one feature each day.

Today I will try SimpleScripts to create the New webpage. I have thrice run the SimpleScripts from CPanel and built my new webpage under the domain name

It’s pretty simple. Just need to follow each step mentioned in the CPanel tutorial. I am trying hard to resist myself from going deeper into the technicality of features and working of SimpleScripts. My aim is to host the site successfully and not waste too much time on how simplescript works. Btw SimpleScripts is a language that is used to convert my old wordpress blog from to and build my website.

In my next post I am going to mention all the steps to migrate a blog from to, hosted on Apache webserver using SimpleScripts.


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