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How to build my own web site from my wordpress blog !

How to choose a Web HOST for my future site?

Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 17, 2009

Now that I have decided to go on my own, instead of the SiteSell, I am relieved. 🙂

SO the next step is obviously to hunt for a good reliable host.

Now I don’t even know what is the meaning of good host.

So thanks to the flood of information on the internet, I managed to sieve and pick a few site which define the criteria of a good host. Phew !

One way is to look for the hosting company under any good site that I want to emulate.

I am inspired by Steve Pavlina’s blog but need more features and things than his site displays.

Second way is to search for the sites which rate or review web hosts. .  But I am not as of now interested in spending a dime, when the net is magnanimously sharing free information.

Now my next step is to find another blog or review that will provide me with features to look for in a good web host.

This one looks like a good blog.

Naah ! this site was also useless and provides no information.

The last site I am going to check before I move on to my next strategy.

Oh my God ! Is this a god sent site or what ? !!! This is excatly what I was looking for ! God bless Caroline !

  • First domain included free for life, well now some offer unlimited domain hosting.
  • Min 500GB disk space to unlimited disk space.
  • Do it yourself SiteBuilder which is offered for free by good hosts.
  • 1000 to unlimited POP3 support with all basic Emails support and feature.
  • 6,000GB of transfer bandwidth
  • Unlimited site / file transfer
  • File access and safety of site
  • Multimedia features
  • CGI and Database with several option and  minmum 50 MySql Databases
  • Unlimited add-on domains and other domain related stuff.
  • Fantastico Script support
  • Free Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • World class technology at par with all good web hosts.
  • My third way to find a good web host  is to go to the recommended hosts as mentioned by and read their features.

    The recommends Blue Host, Dream Host, Media Temple, Just Host and Laughing Squid.

    I have lots to read and compare 🙂 . I will compare about all HOSTING FEATURES of all the web hosts reccomended by WordPress.Org. There are lots of technical words that are new and I am going to read a brief on each one of them. I will use wikipedia as much as possible. If there is a better site which explains these technical terms easily, I will post the site names here.


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