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Still confused :( about should I go to Sitesell or a host?

Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 16, 2009

I am still confused.

I don’t know if I should go for product SBI . They are excellent but expensive. They make life easy by doing all the technical work for the pre and post launch of the site. BUT they charge $299/ yr . That includes the domain name registration, designing using templates,tutoring the way to build the site content, hosting, SEO, Monetising !

The other option is I go to and download the software. Then pay for a hosting company to host my site. The advantage here is that I will still not have to do any HTML page writing as I can use templates from The host will host my site and provide with good amount of space and e commerce. But will not do any SEO or anyother side work for my site, including helping in monetizing.  The good part is that I will learn the basics and can manage on my own. But will have to be involved in the technical part of the site building and managing the commercials with content building all by myself. I do not have that much time or focus. I am scared, that I may be distracted.

I talk to Sonu, my bro in US. He too suggested I go for SBI.

I wrote a mail to Amy Biddle of Sitesell. She obviously would want to sell SBI to me. But helped in answering my queries.

Ok so I think I have decided as I am writing this post.

I will go for SBI as they also give me one month monay back gaurantee.

I will try it out.  Then when my site does really well, I will not feel the pinch. Actually the monthly pinch would not have bothered me. Its the lumpsum that is painful 😦 .

SO let me spell out my plan here.

I will buy SBI. Within 5  days I will get going.

I will make use of all the features that they offer to get the hang of them.

If I see positive results in terms of traffic to my site going from current to a minimum of 1000 within a month, I will continue with the SBI. I will take all monetising plans from day one.

My aim will be to slowly build traffic, build genuine members through various means on the net and converting them to paid clicks.

I came across these interesting sites.


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