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How to select a good website name?

Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 31, 2009

This is an important step for any website.

The site name will be the first introduction to my site. So it better be something that follows a few naming rules which should be logical.

1: Site name must reflect the content, in very wide angle.
Well, when I started blogging under my own name, which is the most common thing to do, I did not have any particular topic in my mine. I just started writing on things which mattered to me. Later when I looked back, I realized my passion was in my kids and in providing the best stuff in the world. For me, best meant well researched product that was worth every penny and provided what the claims were for the product. So unconsciously, I started comparing brands, reviewing schools and thought of sharing them with other parents. Now since I had not paid any attention to the name then, the search engines have today linked my name with schools in pune and with products for kids which have honest reviews. So it was ok for me to lend my name to my site.
But there is a limitation. I will have to continue making my name spread around so that the spiders that are crawling on the net keep noting it down. Now that’s an unnecessary headache, that I might have to deal with. So another way to handle this is to make my post headings very prominent and easily searchable.
Since, spiders now rely more on the content than the website name, I will keep the site name as my name.

2: Keep is short. It’s the guru mantra for all fundamentals. Easy to remember, easy to share, easy write…

3: Most commonly searched words combination. There are good sites which offer the service of providing the number of times a word has been searched in the recent past.
I never went for these fancy stuff. I did something out of commonsense. I gave google search for a the words I was interested in. Then I made a list of relevant words and the number of search results for each. I repeated this for 4 search engines. Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Ask. Then made a combination of such high paged words for my sub heading and posts titles.
Frankly, most of the time, I just wrote the titles, that I would search for in google.
Like for my type of content some of the high ranking words are Kids, Schools, Parenting, Indian, Reviews.
I am going make use of these words consciously in my content. Actually, even if I did not do this exercise, I would still be using these words in my posts. So the moral of the story is, write the content genuinely from the heart. The spiders will be forced to pick my posts whenever they see what is related to school, kids, products for kids and honest reviews. 🙂

4: I have kept a notepad file open, whenever a new name clicks in my mind, I jot it down. Then when I have a few handful, I open my Host site and start to find if these domain names are available or not. Then I keep only those which are not yet registered.
Important observation of mine: Never search for the site name in a search engine, too many times. Some smart guy will be keeping track of these searches and register them, even before I do. So use the hosting services only, as they want these names to be available to be registered and not blocked.

5: No more rules 🙂 use the logical mind and choose with the emotional mind.
6: My site name

Had I not selected this, it would be probably Reviews4Kids or honestreviews. But both were already registered. So no worries, my name is well picked by all search engines 🙂


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Creating flashing banner!

Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 31, 2009

I wanted to add a flashing banner for all the posts that are new or important.

A few sites where I found free stuff to create flashing banner.

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Getting familiar with BLUEHOST, SimpleScripts, Wordpress.Org

Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 28, 2009

Purchasing my website HOST, was a difficult choice and took some time.

Registered my domain name Madhuriesingh with for life.

Now let me start to transfer the blogs from to WordPress.Org on BlueHost severs !

You know, it’s been years that I have done anything technical. The last I did was in 2001, when I was a consultant to Australian government’s Tax department. There my team had build a site for them based on their complicated tax calculating formulaes and rules.

I have learnt a cool way to learn new things.

I do not read anything about anything that’s new to me. !!!!!

Strange ? Well I know it’s weird?

I just keep staring at the the new product, new script, new technology by turning and twisting them from all angles. Slowly, my brain starts to make a 3D picture of the new stuff I am exploring.

And Voila! Badaa Boom, Badaa Bing !!!!  I am no longer stanger to this New Stuff !

It’s a natural process of any brain. Anything that’s new and encountered for the first time, creates a feeling of scare, fear, escape and hopelessness. So, the best thing to handle this feeling is, dive into the stuff that’s new, explore it from all angles, from all directions till the brain starts accepting new thing as a known thing. 🙂 And once the strangeness is gone, it becomes easy to learn.

Once, I become familiar at the superficial level, I go deeper, slowly, one feature at a time. I try each feature one by one, make tiny changes and see the output. When I am satisfied, I move to the next feature.

I am not going to stop blogging on the wordpress blog as of now, and think I am ready to launch the website so soon, so easily. I am going to test all the features that are crucial for running a website on my own, on BlueHost with the help of CPanel.

I am now trying one feature each day.

Today I will try SimpleScripts to create the New webpage. I have thrice run the SimpleScripts from CPanel and built my new webpage under the domain name

It’s pretty simple. Just need to follow each step mentioned in the CPanel tutorial. I am trying hard to resist myself from going deeper into the technicality of features and working of SimpleScripts. My aim is to host the site successfully and not waste too much time on how simplescript works. Btw SimpleScripts is a language that is used to convert my old wordpress blog from to and build my website.

In my next post I am going to mention all the steps to migrate a blog from to, hosted on Apache webserver using SimpleScripts.

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Purchasing right website host!

Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 28, 2009

I did a bit of reading about a few hosts available in the market based on the features, recommendations, fees/month and my gut feeling.

I value my gut feeling very deeply. I have always been better off by doing things that I feel is right. Infact, ALWAYS, I have had to face troubles, when I did something told by others, without researching or validating their claims!

My gut feeling says I go and buy a package from BLUEHOST.COM hosting.

Went to their site and payed $83.40 for a 12 months service to host my site with them.

Why did I boil down to BlueHost?

Reason 1: They were recommended by WordPress.Org themselves. Since I have been blogging with wordpress for a year now, I am very sure of one thing, that WordPress is 100% trustworthy. So if they think Bluehost is number one in their list, why should I bother and research on other hosts.

Reason 2: Even though Reason 1 was very convincing, I did a lot of research on other hosts. I found the second most tempting factor was their fee. It’s the one of the cheapest in the market and amongst those hosts recommended by WordPress. BlueHost fee is $6.96/ month. All others are way above. And those that charge $3-$4/month do not compare with the loads of features provided by BlueHost.

Reason 3: Bluehost has maximum number of WordPress blogs being hosted with them. That makes BlueHost most experienced in handling anything to do with WordPress.

Reason 4: Most people on the net are recommending BlueHost, especially those who are freshly building new websites.

Reason 5: Cpanel is the best control panel that is available in the market, to handle the domain and websites. And BlueHost has Cpanel.

Reason 6: I can host as many domains with BlueHost in that one single package, now that’s irresistable, isn’t it!

SO I registered my domain name MADHURIESINGH with BlueHost. By the way, it’s free for life with BlueHost. No need to pay annual fee to keep the domain name registered every year!

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Compare Web Hosts for Wordpress Blog !

Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 17, 2009

In this post I will write down about all 5 Hosts recommended by WordPress.Org.

  • Monthly cost for hosting
  • First domain included free for life, well now some offer unlimited domain hosting.
  • Min 500GB disk space to unlimited disk space.
  • Do it yourself SiteBuilder which is offered for free by good hosts.
  • 1000 to unlimited POP3 support with all basic Emails support and feature.
  • 6,000GB of transfer bandwidth
  • Unlimited site / file transfer
  • File access and safety of site
  • Multimedia features
  • CGI and Database with several option and  minmum 50 MySql Databases
  • Unlimited add-on domains and other domain related stuff.
  • Fantastico Script support
  • Free Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • World class technology at par with all good web hosts.
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    Good technology provided by the web Host!

    Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 17, 2009


    Quad Processor Performance Servers

    UPS Power Backup

    Diesel Generator Backup Power

    Linux Operating System

    Customized Apache Web Server

    24/7 Network Monitoring

    Courtesy Site Backups

    OC-48 Backbone Connection


    Search Engine Submission FREE

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    Multi Media Features provided by the Web Host!

    Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 17, 2009


    Supports Streaming Video

    Supports Streaming Audio

    Real Audio & Video Support

    Flash Support

    Macromedia Shockwave

    MIDI File Support

    Add Own MIME Types

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    Plugins and scripts provided by the web Host!

    Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 17, 2009


    Message Forum (PHPBB and More)

    Form-mail Scripts

    Social Networking

    Guestbook (Multiple Options)

    Web Blogs / WordPress / b2evolution

    Mailing Lists

    Image Galleries / Coppermine (More!)

    Poll and Survey Software



    Drupal and Joomla

    Project Management

    Help Center/Support Ticket

    Many, Many Others…

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    E-Commerce features provided by the web Host !

    Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 17, 2009


    SSL Secure Server

    OS Commerce Shopping Cart

    Agora Shopping Cart

    Cube Cart Shopping Cart

    Zen Cart Shopping Cart

    Free Generated Certificate

    Password Protected Directories

    OpenPGP / GPG Encryption

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    File access and safety related stuff provided by web host!

    Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 17, 2009

    FTP Access

    Shell Access (SSH)

    Override .htaccess Support

    Anonymous FTP

    Webmail (Browser Based Email)

    Log Files + Site Stats

    Customizable Error Pages

    Web File Manager

    Custom Cronjobs

    Hotlink Protection

    Spam Assassin Protection

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    CGI and Database stuff provided by web host!!!

    Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 17, 2009

    Additional FTP Accounts 1,000

    MySQL Databases 100

    PostgreSQL Databases 100


    CGI Library

    Server Side Includes

    Frontpage 2000/2002 Extensions

    Account “Control Panel”

    PHP 5

    Perl 5


    Ruby / Ruby on Rails

    Support For Custom PHP.INI Files

    MySQL 5 Database Server

    PostgreSQL Database Server

    Javascript/ DHTML

    Flash / Shockwave

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    Domain related stuff that a good web host should provide.

    Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 17, 2009

    Host Domains Unlimited
    Free Domain Name Min one
    Add-on Domains Unlimited
    Parked Domains Unlimited
    Subdomains Unlimited

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    Email features must by Host !!!

    Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 17, 2009

    Host UNLIMITED Domains (WOW!)

    Free Domain Name

    Support International Domain Names

    Add-on Domains Unlimited

    Parked Domains Unlimited

    Subdomains Unlimited

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    How to choose a Web HOST for my future site?

    Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 17, 2009

    Now that I have decided to go on my own, instead of the SiteSell, I am relieved. 🙂

    SO the next step is obviously to hunt for a good reliable host.

    Now I don’t even know what is the meaning of good host.

    So thanks to the flood of information on the internet, I managed to sieve and pick a few site which define the criteria of a good host. Phew !

    One way is to look for the hosting company under any good site that I want to emulate.

    I am inspired by Steve Pavlina’s blog but need more features and things than his site displays.

    Second way is to search for the sites which rate or review web hosts. .  But I am not as of now interested in spending a dime, when the net is magnanimously sharing free information.

    Now my next step is to find another blog or review that will provide me with features to look for in a good web host.

    This one looks like a good blog.

    Naah ! this site was also useless and provides no information.

    The last site I am going to check before I move on to my next strategy.

    Oh my God ! Is this a god sent site or what ? !!! This is excatly what I was looking for ! God bless Caroline !

  • First domain included free for life, well now some offer unlimited domain hosting.
  • Min 500GB disk space to unlimited disk space.
  • Do it yourself SiteBuilder which is offered for free by good hosts.
  • 1000 to unlimited POP3 support with all basic Emails support and feature.
  • 6,000GB of transfer bandwidth
  • Unlimited site / file transfer
  • File access and safety of site
  • Multimedia features
  • CGI and Database with several option and  minmum 50 MySql Databases
  • Unlimited add-on domains and other domain related stuff.
  • Fantastico Script support
  • Free Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • World class technology at par with all good web hosts.
  • My third way to find a good web host  is to go to the recommended hosts as mentioned by and read their features.

    The recommends Blue Host, Dream Host, Media Temple, Just Host and Laughing Squid.

    I have lots to read and compare 🙂 . I will compare about all HOSTING FEATURES of all the web hosts reccomended by WordPress.Org. There are lots of technical words that are new and I am going to read a brief on each one of them. I will use wikipedia as much as possible. If there is a better site which explains these technical terms easily, I will post the site names here.

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    OK, made up my mind! I will go for a web host.

    Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 16, 2009

    helped me do so.

    Now, I will give myself 10 days to learn all about starting a website using a good host, on my own.

    Knowledge gathering has to be done before I buy a Hosting Plan.

    Day 1 . Learn about Host for my site.

    Day 2. Learn about Content and Content Management for my site.

    Day 3. Learn about Site Map and web page design.

    Day 4. Learn about Templates and schemes that are Adsense ready.

    Day 5. Learn about Search Engines and optimization.

    Day 6. Pre Launch strategies and methodologies.

    Day 7. Learn about bugs, hacking and safety tool for my website.

    Day 8.

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    Still confused :( about should I go to Sitesell or a host?

    Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 16, 2009

    I am still confused.

    I don’t know if I should go for product SBI . They are excellent but expensive. They make life easy by doing all the technical work for the pre and post launch of the site. BUT they charge $299/ yr . That includes the domain name registration, designing using templates,tutoring the way to build the site content, hosting, SEO, Monetising !

    The other option is I go to and download the software. Then pay for a hosting company to host my site. The advantage here is that I will still not have to do any HTML page writing as I can use templates from The host will host my site and provide with good amount of space and e commerce. But will not do any SEO or anyother side work for my site, including helping in monetizing.  The good part is that I will learn the basics and can manage on my own. But will have to be involved in the technical part of the site building and managing the commercials with content building all by myself. I do not have that much time or focus. I am scared, that I may be distracted.

    I talk to Sonu, my bro in US. He too suggested I go for SBI.

    I wrote a mail to Amy Biddle of Sitesell. She obviously would want to sell SBI to me. But helped in answering my queries.

    Ok so I think I have decided as I am writing this post.

    I will go for SBI as they also give me one month monay back gaurantee.

    I will try it out.  Then when my site does really well, I will not feel the pinch. Actually the monthly pinch would not have bothered me. Its the lumpsum that is painful 😦 .

    SO let me spell out my plan here.

    I will buy SBI. Within 5  days I will get going.

    I will make use of all the features that they offer to get the hang of them.

    If I see positive results in terms of traffic to my site going from current to a minimum of 1000 within a month, I will continue with the SBI. I will take all monetising plans from day one.

    My aim will be to slowly build traffic, build genuine members through various means on the net and converting them to paid clicks.

    I came across these interesting sites.

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    Putting down my thoughts on paper!

    Posted by Madhurie Singh on August 14, 2009

    Its 10:30 pm and I am seriously putting down my thoughts on paper about the blog  as my own site.

    I did a reading on which offers to set up my site @$299/- annum.

    They promised a lot of features.

    I want to know the market and compare their features and cost.

    Tonight I will write down my target audience for my site . I am thinking of the following names for my

    site. 1)mykidsandschool  2)indiakidsparenting #) mykidsmylife 5) helpmomsindiakids

    I used free use of and found kis, moms, india, parenting , school , play games, college admission, work home, kids shoes, online school, pune, india travel as some keywords that google adsense was paying.

    I am reading and taking guidance from

    Before the site is designed and up.

    1. Tomorrow I will finalize on my target audience


    Their Needs – what do they need ?

    Their Problems – what problems do they face?

    How can I solve that problem?

    How do I reach my audience?

    2. Know My Competition?

    Who are they?

    What do they offer?

    How much do they charge?

    How will I compete ?

    3.What is my USP?

    What will my audience get from my site that no one else is offering?

    My website

    1.How to make my site look professional?

    2. Make the audience know within 2 sec what my site offers?

    3. Every page should be a good landing page?


    1. Freemium content of value to the client.

    2. There should be enough content to launch.

    3. Make 90 days content ready before launching the site.

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